A Competitive Marketplace

Who benefits?

You do! More electricity providers means more competition, which also means a greater number of choices and options for consumers, like you.

Whenever (the market) isn't monopolized by one or two large companies, or regulated by the government, economic supply and demand for services can interact naturally. That means deregulation can help you secure a fair price you pay per kilowatt hour (kWh). This is also why electricity gets more expensive during the winter: there are more people wanting to use more electricity, so companies can charge higher prices per kWh.

The same is true for summer months: more electricity usage means higher rates. We encourage you to get out your current bill and see how much you're actually paying. If you're not on a fixed-rate plan, make sure you sign up for one before big summer demand starts!

All of Fighting Illini Energy's electricity options offer fixed-rate plans, so you won't see an increase in the price you pay for electricity for the whole length of your contract.