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    Billing Vocabulary

    What does "deregulation" mean? And what does it mean for me?

    Deregulation is a process that gives electricity consumers the right to choose among different energy providers. By restructuring the Illinois electricity market, old electricity monopolies were broken up into companies that actually deliver electricity from power plants to homes and businesses and others that can bill you for the actual electricity you use.  This will help you get better rates on what you pay for your electricity, more product options and greater levels of customer service.

    Deregulation is based on your ZIP Code location; you can test if you live in a deregulated area by entering your ZIP Code here.


    How does deregulation benefit consumers?

    Deregulation allows companies to compete to sell the electricity that runs over the poles and wires. By opening up the electricity market, and with more companies to choose from, consumers can explore more products, get better prices and contracts.


    How do I report a power outage or electricity emergency?

    Even after switching to Fighting Illini Energy, you will need to call your local wires company, either ComEd or Ameren. These companies are responsible for maintaining the poles and wires that transmit electricity to your home or business.

    State Utility Emergency Phone #
    IL ComEd 1-800-334-7661
    IL Ameren 1-800-755-5000
    NY ConEd 1-800-752-6633
    NY RG&E 1-800-743-1701
    NY NIMO 1-800-867-5222
    NY NYSEG 1-800-572-1131
    NY Orange & Rockland 1-877-434-4100
    OH Cleveland Illuminating 1-888-544-4877
    OH Duke 1-800-543-5599
    OH Ohio Edison 1-888-544-4877
    OH Toledo Edison 1-888-544-4877
    TX Centerpoint 1-800-332-7143
    TX Oncor 1-888-313-4747
    TX TNMP 1-888-866-7456
    TX AEP 1-866-223-8508
    TX AEP - North 1-866-223-8508


    What is Fighting Illini Energy?

    Fighting Illini Energy is the official electricity sponsor of the Fighting Illini. This program was created to provide loyal fans, alumni and students an opportunity to choose an energy solution that is also good for the University.

    We believe in the University of Illinois: that's why we make it easy for consumers and businesses in deregulated regions of Illinois to show their support, too. A contribution is made to the University of Illinois Division of Intercollegiate Athletics, in honor of you as a Fighting Illini Energy customer, for as long as you remain a customer.


    What markets does Fighting Illini Energy serve?

    Fighting Illini Energy is currently available in Illinois, New York, Ohio, and Texas.

    Availability is based on your ZIP Code location; find out if it is available in your area by clicking here.


    What are the benefits of switching to Fighting Illini Energy?

    With the deregulation of electricity in Illinois, you will now enjoy competitive rates and potential cost savings when compared to your current utility company's electricity rates. We offer you fixed-rate pricing, which can provide you with budget certainty for your home or business over the length of your contract, regardless of changes in market pricing.


    Is Fighting Illini Energy more expensive than my current provider?

    Not necessarily. In some markets, we are priced lower than the local utility, and in others we might be higher. It will depend on what your current provider is charging. By joining Fighting Illini Energy, you will receive award-winning customer service and other valuable membership benefits you won't be able to find with any other electricity provider.


    What percentage of the profits is given to the University?

    Actually, the contribution model is not a percentage calculated from your energy consumption. Rather, it is based on the number of customers that sign up for Fighting Illini Energy. As Fighting Illini Energy acquires more residential and commercial customers, the contribution to Illini Athletics increases. We don't want you to use more energy: we'd like you to use less!


    What kind of plans can I sign up for?

    We offer a variety of plans so that you can find one that best fits your needs. No matter which one you sign up for, so long as it's a Fighting Illini Energy plan, it will help create a contribution to the University. Check out the different plans and prices for your area here.


    Do you provide green energy options?

    Yes. Fighting Illini Energy offers several 100% renewable wind energy products. Check out our rates page for additional information on these products.


    Is my rate a fixed-rate offer or a variable-rate offer? What's the difference?

    Fighting Illini Energy only provides fixed service plans to our customers. New customers can choose from several different contract length plans. Under a fixed plan, the electricity rate does not change for the term of the contract; a fixed rate is only subject to change in the event it is mandated by the ICC. Your cost per kWh won't go up or down based on the season or time of day, and it won't vary with the volume of electricity you consume. When your contract expires, your service continues on a month-to-month default service plan if you do not select a new contract plan.


    What does the average cents per kilowatt (kWh) rate include?

    The average cents per kWh rate reflects the total price for electricity supply charge, but does not include your delivery services from ComEd or Ameren and any state and local sales taxes. Any savings claims are based on a comparison to your utility's Residential Non-Electric Space Heating Rate. Comparison prices do not apply to customers on Residential Real Time Pricing or Space Heat Rate Plans.


    Is the University of Illinois actually responsible for providing the power customers use?

    No. Kona Energy, a licensed retail electric supplier, is the organization behind Fighting Illini Energy. Fighting Illini Energy is designed to provide students, alumni, fans, families, faculty, friends and businesses an opportunity to use their day-to-day energy consumption to contribute to the University's success.


    How is the electricity from Fighting Illini Energy different from my current utility?

    When you switch to Fighting Illini Energy, you'll actually still be using the exact same electricity you would have been using before. Instead of padding your bill with extra fees, we'll give you competitive rates to try and help you save money each month.


    What's the big deal if it's the exact same commodity?

    The biggest difference is what happens to your money after you pay your bill. Rather than spending it on big advertising budgets, we send a monthly contribution in honor of youour Fighting Illini Energy customerto the University. No other electricity provider in Illinois can say that.


      Why should I switch?

      Fighting Illini Energy presents a unique opportunity that benefits both the University and its fans through a product we all need and use every day: electricity.

      Fighting Illini Energy was created for electricity consumers, both residential and commercial, who want to parlay their day-to-day energy use into funding for the University of Illinois Athletics programs. You mean more to us than becoming just another account, so to thank you for switching, not only will we make a donation in honor of you for as long as you remain a customer, we'll also give you tons of opportunities for special Illinois Athletics gear, tickets, etc. to help you show your pride.


      Who can join?

      In deregulated parts of Illinois, New York, Ohio, and Texas, consumers can choose the electricity provider they use. University of Illinois alumni, fans, families, faculty, friends and businesses should all use Fighting Illini Energy because it supports Illinois Athletics and the Fighting Illini spirit at Urbana-Champaign.  Fighting Illini Energy is the logical choice for anyone looking to support the University. 


      How soon can my service be switched?

      IF YOU LIVE IN COMED: You will be switched to the Fighting Illini Energy program in time for your next bill as long as your request to switch occurs 18 calendar days prior to your next meter read. If you request to switch less than 18 days before your next meter read, your switch will not occur until your following meter read. You will receive your first bill from Fighting Illini Energy (Champion Energy) about one month after you switch.

      IF YOU LIVE IN AMEREN:You will be switched to the Fighting Illini Energy program in time for your next bill as long as your request to switch occurs 12 days prior to your next meter read date. If your request is less than 12 days, then your switch will not occur until your following meter read. You will receive your first bill from Fighting Illini Energy (Kona Energy) about one month after you switch. Please note that you can't request request a switch greater than 45 days in advance.


      If I choose Fighting Illini Energy can I switch to a different electric supplier or choose to go back to the utility's bundled service?

      Yes. However, you should check the terms of your agreement for any termination penalties that apply. Also, if you go back to the utility's bundled service, you may be required to stay with the utility for 12 months before you can switch. You should confirm with the utility before switching back.


      Will I lose power when I switch to Fighting Illini Energy?

      No. There will be no interruption of service when you switch to Fighting Illini Energy.


      Do I need to tell my current provider that I'm switching?

      No. When you switch to Fighting Illini Energy, we will notify your utility company that you have chosen to switch your Electricity Supply Services to Fighting Illini Energy, powered by Kona Energy. We do suggest that you refer back to your current provider's Terms of Service to see if anything specific is required from you, including whether or not you are subject to an early termination fee.


      Is there a contract involved?

      Yes. All of Fighting Illini Energy plans are fixed-rate plans, any they all have contracts. This will keep the price you pay for electricity the same for the duration of your contract, protecting you from the ups and downs in the energy market. You can choose from four different plans: 100% green power for either 12 months or 24 months, or 50% green power for either 12 months or 24 months. Shortly before your current contract expires, you will be given the opportunity to renew your contract at the new electricity rates.


      Will you check my credit when I sign up?

      This depends on a couple factors: the state you are signing up in, and what kind of customer you are. If you are a residential customer signing up online, you will be notified before enrollment is complete if a credit check is required. If you you are a commercial customer, you will most likely be subject to a credit check.


      Do I need to use more electricity to make my contribution to the Fighting Illini bigger?

      Absolutely not. A flat contribution amount is made, in honor of you, every single month for as long as you remain a customer. Using more electricity won't contribute more the University, but encouraging more of your family and friends to sign up will.


      How can I change my account information?

      You can change your account information by calling the Customer Care center toll-free at:            and we'll make sure to confidentially change any information you need.


      What happens if I move before my contract expires?

      If you move, your agreement with Fighting Illini Energy is cancelled without an early cancellation fee. If you move within a territory serviced by Fighting Illini Energy, then you can transfer your service to the new address.


      What happens when my contract expires?

      When your contract expires, your service will not be terminated automatically. You will be notified 45 days prior to your contract expiring with the option to renew another fixed-rate contract at current rates. If you do not choose a new contract, your account will go into a month-to-month status with the current default rate.


      Is there a penalty if I break my contract with Fighting Illini Energy?

      If your circumstances change and you must close your account or choose to switch to another electricity provider before your contract ends, you may be subject to an early termination fee.

      To cancel your contract, please call Customer Care toll-free at: . Your cancellation fee will vary depending on how many months remain on your current contract.


      Can I change the date my meter is read?

      No, this is typically reserved for larger commercial users and is not allowed for residential customers.


      If I have a complaint, what should I do?

      The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) recommends that you attempt to resolve any issues with your chosen supplier first. You may file a complaint with Kona Energy by calling 1.855.566.2669 or emailing For more you can go to the ICC's website here.


      What's included on my bill?

      You will receive one bill from Kona Energy that consolidates your distribution charges (from your utility provider) and your kilowatt (kWh) usage. This may be different from other providers, which will only bill you for energy consumption; forcing you to pay another, separate bill for distribution. If you use natural gas, you will still receive a bill for that usage from your natural gas utility supplier.


      What are my payment options?

      You can:

      • Mail payments to:

      Kona Energy

      P.O. Box 204217

      Dallas, TX 75320


      What if I miss a payment or I am late on a payment?

      If your payment does not post by the due date, you may be subject to late fees or dropped back to your utility provider.


      Can I change my payment due date?

      We do not currently offer the ability to permanently change your payment due date. Please contact the Customer Care center toll-free at:  if you need a payment extension.


      Whom do I call if I have questions about my bill?

      If you have a question about your bill, call the Customer Care line at:


      Can I continue with my current utility's budget payment plan if I enroll with Fighting Illini Energy?

      Yes. Please call customer care at: