Renewable Energy

Go green and go home

We have a few different renewable electricity contract options, so you can pick a plan that's right for you.  

As the planet's population and demand for more cost-efficient energy sources continue to rise, the importance of renewable energy will grow right along with them. Renewable energy has become an increasingly important focus around the world, as relying on non-renewable, traditional energy sources (like oil, coal and natural gas) is an unsustainable practice in the long run.

 Our renewable plans fund 100% Texas wind power.

Renewable energy is derived from naturally-occurring sources that can also constantly be replenished, like solar, wind and hydroelectric power.

The green electricity that the Fighting Illini Energy program provides is 100% wind power. As a customer, you’ll help more companies capture wind and create more green energy for the future.

Plus, when it comes time to pay your bill, it hardly costs more than traditional energy.

We make it possible for you to sign up for a plan that's either 100% renewable energy or just 50% renewable content.


Chances are you've heard of Renewable Energy. What you may not know about are Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). A REC is an environmental commodity that consumers and electricity companies use to offset non-green electricity use.

RECs are a part of our renewable energy benefits for both Fighting Illini Energy program customers and non-customers alike. You can purchase these to help reduce your own carbon footprint, which is especially useful if you decide not to sign up for one of the green plans.